Dump Trump Macys Rally Has a Tight Guest List

“If I went inside Macy’s and said some of the things that [Donald] Trump has said, security would escort me out,” Angelo Carusone told the Cut today. “And, yet, Trump gets a big deal and a shelf and a Macy’s promotion. It just doesn’t seem to make sense.”

Carusone, 30, and an employee of Media Matters — “my Macy’s work is not connected to my day job” — started SignOn.org’s “Dump Trump” petition on October 24, urging Macy’s to steer clear of Trump, whose fashion line and fragrances are sold in stores. The real-estate mogul also stars in the chain’s Miracle on 34th Street–themed holiday ads as the skeptical Susan-like character. Among the reasons Macy’s should get rid of Trump, from the letter: He has “long engaged in sexist behavior,” “hypocritically complained about jobs being shipped overseas to China,” “use[d] his public platform to deny the reality of climate change,” and “perpetuated the racially-charged birther conspiracy.” As of now, it has more than 658,000 signatures.

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