Rachel Weisz’s Bundled Up Big Apple School Arrival

Taking her son Henry to school, Rachel Weisz stayed bundled up in New York City on Thursday morning (March 14).

The 43-year-old actress held on to her adorable son’s hand while she quickly made her way through the Big Apple streets to stay on schedule.

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In related news, Miss Weisz recently chatted with Moviejuice about playing a bad girl in her new flick “Oz The Great and Powerful.”

When asked whether she preferred to play a good or a bad witch, Rachel commented, ““Well, I’ve never played a good one. I’ve not played a witch before, this is my first witch.”

“But I wanted to be the bad girl. I don’t know, she seemed like a character who is very evil, she doesn’t have any redeeming qualities; she’s manipulative, she’s cruel, she lies, she cheats, she wants the throne, she breaks her sister’s heart… She’s like a really evil dictator, but the more evil she is, the more fun she has. So I thought that was just a really good character,” she added.

Enjoy the pictures of Rachel Weisz with her son in New York City (March 14).

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